Lewis Beasley Thinking
Lewis Beasley in his home office (2014)

 Lewis Beasley is a man of many talents. In 2015 he set out on a journey revolving around mastering the gifts that bring the most value to his life and the life of others . In early 2000 he began building a career in music as an Indie artist. Following in his fathers foot-steps, he fell in love with the piano and keyboard. Eventually, this led him into music production and audio engineering. Lewis would go on working with many artist locally and from around the world. Writing, producing, recording and mixing music.

   In 2005 he started the internet streaming site known as Flench.com. In late 2007-early 2008 he and his team grew the streaming site into a music social media network platform for Indie and signed music artist. After acquiring thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of dedicated visitors, Lewis decided it was time to take the site to the next level.

 In late 2008, he established “The Flench.com Radio Show”. This was an inclusion to the website. Lewis found a niche in that market and successfully created a weekly radio show promoting Indie artist. Instead of having an audio only radio-show, he implemented several HD web camera’s into the studio for live streaming. The live streaming radio show was a hit.

  Many took a liking to his content, style and voice which led him into producing and recording radio commercials for upcoming concerts and artist promotions. In 2011 Lewis decided he wanted to keep moving forward; Utilizing his creativity, knowledge and programming skills to create technologies people could benefit from, he sold the Flench.com website to a private party based out of California. Three years later, the new owners struggled to keep the site competitive. It’s popularity fell off and eventually the new owners decided to take the website offline.

   Lewis continued utilizing his technical knowledge to help people. He has created web technologies, applications and media for larger companies such as Snap Fitness (Louisville Ferncreek), smaller companies such as Precision Automotive (Vinegrove, Ky) and a list of start-up companies as well. He has been a key asset to various companies serving as systems administrator, operations analyst, advanced technical support, engineering (web development) and project management to name a few.

 He has produced and recorded music for some of the best signed and un-signed music artists in the U.S. He has collaborated on countless songs from POP, R&B and HIP-HOP.

Today, Lewis is creating video content for companies and individuals around the world. His motivational speaking, style and thinking has landed him speaking and teaching opportunities in the areas of life, career and technology.  He says – “I  look for those amazing nuggets in life, in people, in products and everything. I point my camera and shine the light on those nuggets, so people can experience the story that makes it amazing. People hire me because my work captures the attention and makes an influential impact in the emotions of my audience. This is one of those gifts I’m learning to master.  Book me and let’s work together on your next video project”.